Jeep Approved

Jeep Approved Accident Repair Centre

Why use a Jeep Approved Accident Repair Centre?

Jeep Approved Accident Repair Centres meet Honda’s rigorous standards for service and quality, and they can ensure your car and warranty are fully protected to the level of quality that you purchased it at and therefore ensure that you keep your Jeep 100% Jeep.
Some insurance companies may try to convince you that you should have it repaired at their Bodyshop and may not use genuine Jeep parts.


Before your car is repaired, ask these three questions…

  • Will you be using Jeep Genuine Parts on my vehicle – if not, why not?
  • Can I have Jeep Genuine Parts used on my vehicle?
  • Could non-genuine parts invalidate my warranty and Euro NCAP safety rating?


The Latest repair technology is used

As technology changes dramatically, Jeep invests heavily in training programmes for our approved body repairers to meet the high standards required to maintain Jeep vehicles.

Repair Guarantee

For Complete peace of mind, only manufacturer’s original parts have been used on your vehicle (unless otherwise advised by your Honda approved accident repair centre).


Your 5-year repair guarantee covers:

  • Loss of gloss (for 1 year)
  • Cracking
  • Splitting or bursting of the paint film
  • Lifting of the lacquer and/or other paint layers
  • fading
  • paint defects due to faults in the manufacturer’s products.

this guarantee is provided by your Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre and is validated and backed up by a warranty certificate which is given to you when your vehicle is returned after a repair is carried out.

This certificate MUST be stamped by your Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre, at the time of your repair to validate your Honda Bodyshop 5 year repair guarantee.


How to get work done under the paint guarantee

If there is a defect, you must contact your Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre repairer and provide all the documentation given to you when your vehicle was repaired.

if a fault is found in the work done which is covered by the repair guarantee, a Sikkens expert will determine whether it is in fact covered by your repair guarantee:

If it is deemed that the fault is covered by the paint guarantee your Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre promises to carry out the work again to resolve the problem that has been found.

If the guarantee does not apply, your Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre will tell you why. You will then have to decide whether or not to have the work redone at your own expense.


Our Honda Approved Accident Repair Centre Charter

Quality of Parts
Only Honda Genuine parts are used on Honda vehicles to maintain your 12-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Quality of Repair
All repair work is carried out by trained specialists using modern and sophisticated equipment.

Price Transparency
Free estimates and no hidden charges.

Courtesy Car
Provided for the duration of the repair, subject to availability.

A Definite completion date
Given at the time of booking in the car for repair

Vehicle Valeting
Every car will be valeted on completion of work.

Quality Control
All work is subject to rigorous quality control to ensure that your vehicle is returned to our factory standards.